Koncert: Stray Dogg

Cafe Bar A3, Knin
Pozivamo vas da nam se pridružite u ponedjeljak, 17.07.2017. na polu-akustičnom koncertu Beogradskog benda STRAY DOGG na otvorenoj terasi. Trio će zasvirati oko 20:30h, a upad je 20kn.
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Nešto više o gostima:
After couple of solo performances as a singer songwriter, Dukat Stray a.k.a. Stray Dogg decided to form a band in the winter of 2011 with Ana (violin), and Jelena (piano), girls who are Music Academy (Belgrade) graduates.
The band performed as a backup to Chinawoman and Scout Niblett after only couple of months practice, with a 4 song Demo only availible. The band needed another guitar player, and that’s when Marko from the Belgrade electropop band Inje, joined Stray Dogg band to play lead guitar. The band recorded their first album in 2011, called ‘Almost’, and published their first single. In 2012 they released the second album, ‘Fire’s never wrong’, which featured a collaboration with the famous american singer songwriter Devendra Banhart, on the future single ‘Time’. Vladimir Milicevic on bass, and Relja Ilic on drums joined, to form the final line up of the band.
The band played some big concerts, and almost every important festival in the region.
In 2015. in October Stray Dogg published their third album ‘Come Along Wind’, and now are touring and promoting their final album.
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